A Community Film A-Z

WHAT IS A COMMUNITY FILM – Robert’s version …

A. Defined by the collective engagement of all participants.

B. Captures the passion of the people involved or represented.

C. Has something important to say to a world it wants to change.

D. Creates something of quality that is worthy of its participants’ efforts

E. Created by volunteers and community participants in partnership with professional film makers.

F. Happy to employ the skills of artists, crews and community agents in a supportive and empowering environment.

G. Broadly educational: building skills and confidence for individuals and the group

H. Furnishes both an end and a beginning of a community enquiry process

I. Critical, creative, reflective, respectful, diverse

J. Sensitive to ethical, ethnographic and postcolonial issues.

K. Negotiates aspects of its methodology/approach/plan of action at the outset and reconsiders it when appropriate

L. Economical with resources and sustainable

M. A media process or product that contributes to social change, empowerment and social justice.

N. A personal narrative of public value

O. A group narrative with multiple visions and voices

P. A form of advocacy for social causes

Q. An opportunity for reflection and dialogue with other communities

R. Committed to finding new ways of engagement

S. Collaborative and improvisatory

T. Embraces spontaneity and improvisation in order to transcend traditional practices and approaches

U. A way of building the social capital of the community.

V. Prepared to take risks and challenge traditions or expectations within and outside the community

W. Works alongside other modes of activism and forms of communication

X. A dialogue between creativity and critical analysis

Y. Designed to showcase democratic and inclusive processes and their outcomes

Z. Equipped to provide a body of evidence that counts as research