The Task

The French Revolution provides the backdrop for Heiner Muller’s passionate indictment of racial and economic imperialism – like all good political theatre one need look no further than the here and now for the evidence of the phenomena that are so starkly realised on stage; yet, like the here and now, Muller does not provide easy answers. Muller paints with a broad brush, allowing his images to run rampant within a structure that appears infinitely accommodating. One minute we are in Jamaica watching the betrayal of its slaves; the next we are swept off into an anxious monologue by a contemporary office worker trapped in a lift on the way to satisfy the boss.” Claire Armistead, The Financial Times

with an imgainative force that holds you spellbound, a de-Chrico style set from Carmel Said and the pounding percussive music by Steve Martland, Robert Rae’s production is itself highly theatrical.” Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Heiner Muller, the East German Playwright eschews convention. The Task is about and a play on revolution. Where Muller disdains clarity the urgency of Robert Rae’s production compensates for it.” Kate Kallaway, The Observer