Another powerful play about British teenage experience. It looks at four different stories that interweave through the narrative. There is Carla’s Story, an abstract computer-based relationship between two young people, Carla (DarkSpirit) and Joey (GloomShite). Then there is Tamsin’s Story which looks at the effect of divorce on a troubled teen. Shonagh’s Story looks at the experience of a young lesbian girl who is bullied by her ‘friends’ and vilified by her parents. Finally there is Richard’s Story; Richard’s parents place a great deal of academic pressure on him. When he flunks his exams and is rejected by Shonagh, he, like the other teenagers, gradually descend into depression and suicide. The image of the prison is a constant motif in this play. All the characters seem to be trapped in circumstances and there are seemingly no escapes.

It is a poignant dramatic construction which forces the audience to reassess current attitudes towards mental health and suicide amongst young people.