Gillean Cullaig/Hogmanay Boys


Christmas production tells of a South Uist girl in the 1940s on a journey of self-discovery that is intertwined with the legend of the merciless Clanranald. Devised by Robert Rae, it recreates the traditions of a Western Isles hogmanay and includes the storytelling skills of the native Gaelic speaker actress Dolina MacLennan, Isle of Lewis singer Alyth McCormack and traditional Celtic instruments.

“A gentle tribute to Gaelic culture and to the rich wisdom and strength against oppression stored within it, The Hogmanay Boys is an event with real value; and the sound of the Gaelic-language Edinburgh schoolkids around me joining in spontaneously with some of the songs and catchphrases was one worth treasuring, in the long and difficult struggle to keep Scotland’s old language alive and singing.” The Scotsman