Dancer – Pit Prop Theatre Company

A girl refuse to dance at the Mayor’s Festival – he is a corrupt child abuser. Her decision has implications for her family. The community is in a state of change and the girls refusal leads the community to question its values and reassess its needs.


PitProp took over the drama studio of a disused school and extravagantly transformed it into a promenade theatre – working with six Wigan Special Schools – pupils (15-16 years) spent three full days on site, with performances at the start and end – exploring the characters and issues the play raised through dance, music and visual arts.

“I am writing to give you my comments on the experience students from Montrose school (Moderate Learning Disabilities) had with you during our three days with you. It was a fantastic boost to the confidence of the young people. Achieving artistically and dramatically more than their teacher can – undoubtedly boosting their self worth no end. The response from the young people has been totally positive and enthusiastic.”  Kerris Dobson, Montrose School

The piece had a startling visual impact. I was completely drawn into the other world the company created. I went of into paroxyms of delight at the staging and structure. I loved the way one scene flowed into the next with an athletic ease.” Steve Atherton, Teacher