The success of any project or organisation is built on the performance of its people. And to have a fully engaged and effective workforce people need to be motivated and understood. I’ll work with you to uncover who your people are, how they like to work, and how we can create the conditions that will inspire them to higher levels of performance.

Beginning with Insights Discovery, I’ll help put in place strategies that will build trust, open the lines of communication and help all of your people to reach their full potential. Because without inspired – and inspiring – people, the path is an uphill climb.

I will work with you and your team to create individual Insights Discovery Profile to help :
understand your unique personality
develop your interpersonal skills
improve your communication
create better personal and professional relationships

Together Insights helps teams understand themselves and their colleagues by uncovering meaning in preferences and behaviour and by learning to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships.

“Insights has proved effective with both large corporations and with small voluntary organisations.  I have enjoyed working with Insights because it has worked hard to be culturally sensitive and non-discriminatory in its language. It is based on a broad Jungian approach – but doesn’t require participants to sign-up to a belief systems they might feel uncomfortable with. Personally I have found the language of most business tools with their focus on profit unhelpful. Insights stays neutral – it just helps teams and individuals do whatever they have to do better and in a more genuinely co-operative way.

I used it with both Board and staff and it genuinely helped everybody understand the people they were working with better. It gives your team a way to talk about colleagues that demonstrates genuine appreciation of their strengths as well as why they might find your or a colleagues approach unhelpful. It really does work. ”  Robert